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5 Tips to Begin Uncluttering Your Home

Monday, January 15, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

5 Tips to Begin Uncluttering Your Home

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Written by Heather O'Kronley

Christmas is over and I don’t know how your home looks, but mine looks like a bomb of cardboard, garbage bags full of wrapping paper, and holiday cheer/gifts spread throughout! As the day progresses the Beados and legos have created a landmine of the dining room. The boom boom’s,
nerf guns, and beep beep’s, cars, are lined up with a 2-year-old waiting around the corner for an unsuspecting parent to cross their path. Then there are still all the family Christmas gatherings to attend. I learned very quickly that without some work after Santa’s and Grandma’s arrival, the space to put all these wonderful items dwindles quickly. So here are some tips to help alleviate some of the headache and clear up some space!

1. Clear out clothes that don’t fit the kids or you

My kids grow like little weeds and just like maintaining a garden require regular removal of items no longer needed. I try to do this at least 3 times a year; spring, fall, and early December. In my experience giving the unwanted clothes to the goodwill or friends with kids in those sizes makes me feel better about the full garbage bags I need to get rid of. As for your items, if it’s been sitting for a year or more; strongly consider removing it from your closet and life PERMANENTLY.

2. Same goes for the toys

I used to have such a hard time deciding what toys should go and what should stay. Over the years and moving homes a few times this process has become much easier. I start with “happy meal” toys and broken toys. Next, puzzles with missing pieces. Then, items that have been lost to the bottom of the toy bin and under the bed. Lastly, the toys that no longer work with any kids age in the house. You’ll find as you start going the easier it is to purge the items. Facebook resale/yard sale sites are a great place to sell items that are of value, but that your family will no longer use. Or donate them. Toss the rest. As the kids get older include them as well.  

3. And the closets

A quick once through of the linens and towels will do wonders. Does the sheet have holes? Are the towels frayed? It shouldn’t take long, but could create so much room for the new items you just received!

4. Go through Christmas décor

When you’re putting away the Christmas decorations take a little extra time to evaluate your collection. Is it broke, not working, or not used? If so, it may be time to trash it, donate it, or sell it!

5. E
valuate kitchen storage areas

I don’t know about you, but Christmas usually involves at least one new appliance. As you are putting the bright and shiny away; evaluate some of the areas that are neglected. I suggest kids, whether your own or borrowed from family, are put on Tupperware duty. It is always astonishing to me how many containers lose their lid over the year! Adults hit the pantry. Get rid of expired items, partially used bags of chips/crackers, and any other items that have been sitting there that you are no longer in need of. Start the year out fresh!