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5 Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Accents to Your Home

Wednesday, April 04, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

5 Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Accents to Your Home

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Written by Kate Waters

1. Add some fun hardware.

Whether it’s adding a unique door knob plate or funky house number. Adding fun door hardware and make your exterior stand out and can give the house a retro feel before you even walk in.


2. Replace a light fixture with a MCM chandelier. 

In a kitchen, or a living room, adding a mid-century modern-esque chandelier can give your house that perfect retro feel. Starburst chandeliers or Sputnik chandeliers are a perfect choice.



3. Cover a wall in Mid-Century Modern wallpaper.

Stay in black and white or give your walls some color, you can’t go wrong with this sweet MCM pop.



4. Add a credenza or bar to your room.

You should be able to assimilate Mid-Century Modern style pieces into most of your existing furniture.



5. Room Dividers.

Last but not least, my all-time favorite, a room divider. This simple piece can give a room so much style and using a decorative one can leave the room feeling open still, but with a separate distinct area.