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Essential Household Tools (and what to do with them) For 1st Time Home Buyers!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

Essential Household Tools (and what to do with them) For 1st Time Home Buyers!


Having just purchased my first home last month, these are some important tools that I needed within the first week of moving in alone. All of these are essential to get everything you need done for your move in days and beyond!



This one thing might seem like a tool you would only pick up after a while, but it can help make your life so much easier! It helps with painting, dusting, cleaning the gutters, hanging up Christmas lights, and much more!


Screwdriver & Hammer

These are probably the tools you will get the most use out of immediately. Hanging artwork, change light fixtures, and all of the other things that go along with moving into your new home need these two tools. The first night I was in my first house I had to run out to get them!


Tape Measure

This one seems simple enough, but I had thought that just borrowing one for a day or two would be plenty, but I was so wrong! Measuring for appliances, for curtains, and furniture are all things that you need to do right away! Every time I turned around I needed to measure something else!


Stud Finder

This is so important. Especially if you need to hand heavy appliances like a mounted microwave or that new flat screen TV. If heavier artwork or appliances are not mounted properly to the studs if they don’t fall right away, they will eventually and that can cause a lot of drywall damage. The you would need even more tools!


Cordless Drill

Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t realize how essential this tool would be after watching my dad use it hundreds of times for home projects. I was so excited when I went out and purchased my new curtains and rods, imagining them hanging in my freshly painted living room, only to get home and realize that I really need a drill to mount the curtain rods. Guess i’ll have to wait a little bit longer!


These tools were all things that I needed to get within the first week of moving in. I can’t imagine how many other tools I might need to purchase over time for all of the projects I have in mind. Maybe my dad will let me borrow some!