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It's March! 5 Things to Celebrate!

Monday, March 5, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

It's March! 5 Things to Celebrate!

It’s March… 5 things to celebrate!!


Written by Heather O'Kronley

Over here in Michigan and it was literally 60 degrees yesterday and today we have a winter storm warning, expecting 5-9 inches of snow. So, I go to my computer and google “things to celebrate in March?” and was overwhelmed with the different days dedicated to traditional holidays as well as downright hilarious things! In this post I have compiled  5 of my favorites with some ideas on how to involve the kids!

1.    March 1- National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

My family is fortunate in that none of us have peanut butter allergies, so we’ll grab our jar of JIF Creamy Peanut butter! Wow Butter is the best alternative we have tasted for those that have family members with nut allergies. Take the night off dinner planning and make your favorite sandwich!

2.    March 3- National Anthem Day

On this day the United States adopted the Star Spangled Banner as its national anthem! Take time for a little history lesson followed by a family adaptation of this beautiful patriotic song! For your convenience I have included a link with 9 facts about the Star Spangled Banner; compliments of the History Channel.


3.    March 14- National Pi Day

You’re going to have to break out your old math books, but as a refresher it’s the official day of the Greek letter symbolizing the ratio of a circle to its diameter, pi, also known as 3.14159265… For those of us who did not major in Math it’s an excuse to bake a pie or grab a favorite from the grocery store.

4.    March 23- National Puppy Day

Who can resist the huggable, lovable, playfulness, and fluffiness of a puppy! If you don’t have a puppy of your own you can go online and vote for America’s most beautiful puppy or consider volunteering or visiting your local shelter for the day.


5.    March 27- National “Joe” Day

Invite your favorite Joe, Jo, Josephine, Joey, Johanna, Jody or any other variant of the name Joe to join you for a cup of” joe”! Take a picture and post it to your social media page with #NationalJoeDay. Joe Delia, have any plans March 27th??

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