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Monday, March 19, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

Are You A Home Maintenance Master?

Written By Katharin Schaefer

Home maintenance can be intimidating, but don’t worry I’ve already done the research needed to become a home maintenance master. Now you can be one too!

Why maintain your home? A crack in the window, overflowing gutters, and all other small things build up over time. It may not seem like a huge issue now, but it could become a bigger issue or cause another issue if not properly taken care of. Here is a list of the top things to make sure are in perfect order to avoid larger issues down the road.

      1. Clean Your Gutters!

Nobody wants to do it, it’s tedious and time consuming and uncomfortable. It is SO important. If your gutters aren’t clear, then the water draining from your roof will back up and cause issues in multiple areas. It could cause water damage to your roof or even rotting wood at the base of your roof! So don’t procrastinate this job.

      2. Change Filter ...

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Monday, March 05, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

It's March! 5 Things to Celebrate!

It’s March… 5 things to celebrate!!

Written by Heather O'Kronley

Over here in Michigan and it was literally 60 degrees yesterday and today we have a winter storm warning, expecting 5-9 inches of snow. So, I go to my computer and google “things to celebrate in March?” and was overwhelmed with the different days dedicated to traditional holidays as well as downright hilarious things! In this post I have compiled  5 of my favorites with some ideas on how to involve the kids!

1.    March 1- National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
My family is fortunate in that none of us have peanut butter allergies, so we’ll grab our jar of JIF Creamy Peanut butter! Wow Butter is the best alternative we have tasted for those that have family members with nut allergies. Take the night off dinner planning and make your favorite sandwich!
2.    March 3- National Anthem Day
On this day the United States adopted the Star Spangled ...

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Monday, January 15, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

5 Tips to Begin Uncluttering Your Home

Written by Heather O'Kronley

Christmas is over and I don’t know how your home looks, but mine looks like a bomb of cardboard, garbage bags full of wrapping paper, and holiday cheer/gifts spread throughout! As the day progresses the Beados and legos have created a landmine of the dining room. The boom boom’s, nerf guns, and beep beep’s, cars, are lined up with a 2-year-old waiting around the corner for an unsuspecting parent to cross their path. Then there are still all the family Christmas gatherings to attend. I learned very quickly that without some work after Santa’s and Grandma’s arrival, the space to put all these wonderful items dwindles quickly. So here are some tips to help alleviate some of the headache and clear up some space!

1. Clear out clothes that don’t fit the kids or you
My kids grow like little weeds and just like maintaining a garden require regular removal of items no longer needed. I try to do this at least 3 times a ye ...

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018   /   by Jessica Yeager

Essential Household Tools (and what to do with them) For 1st Time Home Buyers!

Having just purchased my first home last month, these are some important tools that I needed within the first week of moving in alone. All of these are essential to get everything you need done for your move in days and beyond!
This one thing might seem like a tool you would only pick up after a while, but it can help make your life so much easier! It helps with painting, dusting, cleaning the gutters, hanging up Christmas lights, and much more!
Screwdriver & Hammer
These are probably the tools you will get the most use out of immediately. Hanging artwork, change light fixtures, and all of the other things that go along with moving into your new home need these two tools. The first night I was in my first house I had to run out to get them!
Tape Measure
This one seems simple enough, but I had thought that just borrowing one for a day or two would be plenty, but I was so wrong! Measuring for appliances, for curtains, and furniture are all th ...

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Friday, December 15, 2017   /   by Jessica Yeager

Living with Kids- It’s December, 5 Tips to Snagging the “IT” Toy!

written by Heather O'Kronley

Last year I went from zero Hatchimals, the it toys of 2017, diligently wasting away my day searching stores and websites. To purchasing and distributing them to many local family and friends as well as new friends I had made through online communities. That is, once I researched and figured out the best way to get my hands on one!

It was mid-October and besides a few odds and ends I hadn’t really given much thought to Christmas and what to get the kids. The commercials started blasting and every toy ad had been distributed and all of a sudden it became perfectly clear what the hot item was going to be; A Hatchimal. A magical bird-mammal mixed creature that after rubbing and patting and loving on it would hatch out of an egg. My oldest desperately wanted one and if she thinks it’s cool, so do all her siblings.

The search had begun, and by the time I realized the kids wanted it; I also quickly realized they were not going to be easy ...

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